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Pfizer is focused on improving treatment options for patients through research and development. Our new state-of-the-art facility in Chesterfield, Missouri expands the capacity of our colleagues dedicated to the development of medicines and vaccines — including biosimilars — for use in the fields of oncology, rare diseases, internal medicine, and inflammation & immunology.

The facility will employ more than 600 people, bringing more than 80 new STEM positions to the area. This investment strengthens the Missouri economy as well as Pfizer’s efforts to improve patient access to potentially life-changing treatments.

Similarly, our Ready for Cures initiative supports those efforts by fostering a public policy environment that advocates for healthcare innovation. We believe policy challenges across the healthcare system are stifling the full potential of today’s scientific breakthroughs. This grassroots initiative is dedicated to addressing these challenges and improving patient access to life-saving medicines.

We need your support to show elected officials that it’s time to invest in research and innovation and remove barriers that continue to stand between life-saving medications and the patients who need them the most.