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Congress is considering a drug pricing bill that could threaten the future of groundbreaking cures! The plan would adopt foreign pricing controls and inflation penalties to dictate what your medicine costs.

There are major problems with this new bill:

  • It holds drugs hostage. Patients who live in a country with a pricing plan similar to the one proposed in Pelosi's bill often experience significant delays in accessing new treatments. We can’t allow a government power grab to put patients’ lives at risk.
  • It overpromises. While the bill claims it will lower healthcare costs for all patients, less than 1% of seniors on Medicare would see reduced out-of-pocket costs. In fact, some experts estimate the bill may even increase your insurance premiums.
  • It puts innovation at risk. The bill could lead to an estimated 5% to 10% reduction in medical research and development overall. Congress’ own budget office admits it would lead to fewer groundbreaking treatments for patients in desperate need of relief.
  • It gives government too much power. This take-it-or-leave-it model would impose a tax of up to 95% on gross drug sales if manufacturers didn’t agree to Washington’s price demands. An attempt by the government to dictate prices could put innovative drug developers out of business.

This shortsighted bill could result in alarming consequences for patients and the entire U.S. healthcare system. We must put a stop to this bill.

Tell your congressional representative to protect patient access to care by rejecting this bill now!


This effort is supported by Pfizer – Ready for Cures.