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Meet The People Who Make Clinical Trials Possible

Clinical trials can lead to life-changing new medicines, but they’re only possible with the help of every person involved.

  • The Sponsor

    The Sponsor, often a pharmaceutical company, designs and oversees the execution of the study. In some cases, the Sponsor also discovered the investigational medicine.

  • The Principal Investigator

    The Principal Investigator is the doctor who runs the study and is responsible for all study-related medical decisions.

  • The Study Coordinator

    The Study Coordinator assists the principal investigator and guides participants through the study experience.

  • Participants

    Participants are the people who join clinical studies and make research possible.


Pfizer sponsors over 200 clinical trials every year.  If you are considering joining a Pfizer study, you will meet with the Principal Investigator and his or her team at their offices in a location near you.  These healthcare professionals run the study and will take the time to explain all the details of the clinical trial and answer all your questions.

Finding a clinical trial that’s right for you, starts with a conversation with your doctor.  You can search for Pfizer sponsored clinical trials here or all clinical trials on


The Four Clinical Trial Phases

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