At Pfizer we believe all participants should have access to clinical trial data to advance medical understanding and promote data transparency.

Pfizer believes that it is important for researchers, trial participants, regulators, and others acting in the best interest of patients to have access to clinical trial information to advance medical understanding and progress. It’s also important that this access works in ways that protect patient privacy, preserve regulatory authority and maintain incentives for those who generate data to conduct new research.

Pfizer publicly shares results from our clinical trials, whether the results are neutral, negative or positive. We also share data gathered in clinical trials we sponsor with trial volunteers, researchers, and others.

There are several ways in which we share trial results and data:

We submit clinical trial results for publication in peer reviewed journals within 18 months of primary completion date.

After the completion of those studies, we provide results on and the EU Clinical Trials Register within the timelines required by US law and regulations issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (generally within 12 months from the primary completion date), and the European Medicines Agency (within 6 months from the end of trial for studies conducted in pediatric populations and/or adult studies included in a Pediatric Investigation Plan, and within 12 months from the end of trial for studies conducted in adult populations), respectively.
We provide access to detailed clinical data in response to legitimate request from researchers and regulators.
We post clinical study report (CSR) synopses on our website with a link to the data on
We provide easy-to-read summaries of trial findings to qualifying clinical trial participants who wish to receive them, and we are piloting use of the HHS’s “Blue Button” application to allow U.S. trial volunteers to receive their own data back from the trial in a portable electronic format.
We participate in collaborative data-sharing initiatives such as Project Datasphere.