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The Biology of Cancer and Treatments

Our pillars of research

Pfizer's Oncology Research Unit strives to advance the frontiers of cancer biology and to translate this into treatments for patients. Learn more.

The ORU comprises four pillars: Tumor Cell Biology, Bioconjugates Discovery and Development, Precision Medicine, and Integrative Biology and Biochemistry.

Pfizer Scientist Bob Abraham Meets Patient Matt Hiznay

Cancer researcher Bob Abraham and his team develop drugs to help treat cancer patients like Matt Hiznay. Now Matt is studying for his PhD so he can be just like the guy who helped save his life.

We aim to kill cancer cells

At Pfizer Oncology, a key technology focus is advancing the next wave of antibody-drug conjugates, which are targeted therapies that combine the specificity of an antibody with the cancer cell–killing power of a chemotherapy.

Working toward the next breakthrough

Cancer is not a singular disease and neither is our approach to treating it. Whether it’s simultaneously investigating multiple mechanisms of action or initiating collaborations with the brightest minds in the private and public sectors, Pfizer is committed to doing what it takes to overcome this devastating disease.

- Mikael Dolsten, MD, PhD
President of Worldwide R&D

We're working to restore cell-cycle control

In some cancers, increased activity of cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) may result in a failure to regulate cell proliferation. Pfizer scientists are investigating how inhibition of CDK activity may help reduce cell proliferation.