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Succeeding Together Through Rare Disease Advocacy and Support

For over 30 years, Pfizer Rare Disease has worked hand in hand with the rare disease community to forge a pathway toward life-changing innovations. We’ve supported numerous patients and their families on their journey toward healthier futures.

We believe that everyone and everything that touches patients’ lives counts. We work in close collaboration with a variety of stakeholders in the research, development, and delivery of our treatments to help address their needs, and we recognize the rare disease community is waiting.

Pfizer Rare Disease works with a diverse range of rare disease patient-focused advocacy organizations. In collaborating with these associations, we build a collective body of patient-informed awareness, expertise and shared resources that can span the drug development continuum, advance the drug development process, and help meet the spectrum of community needs along the rare disease journey.

When developing and fostering relationships with rare disease advocacy partners, we focus on a range of factors to build and support effective programs that meet patient needs, including:

  • Multi-stakeholder collaborative models designed to find solutions for common challenges related to developing treatments for rare diseases.
  • Patient-centric approaches in the drug discovery and development process that involve working closely with patient communities to define value, benefit, and access to therapies.
  • Communication platforms that raise awareness of and focus on rare diseases.
  • Efforts to help communities build capacity to diagnose, treat, and care for people with rare diseases.
  • Advancing public policies to improve support for rare disease communities on local, national, and international levels.

Our rare disease support programs and collaborations help define who we are at Pfizer Rare Disease and we are proud to have received recognition from various organizations for our work with this community, such as EURORDIS for the Black Pearl Award and FARA for the Rare Impact Award. We are committed to addressing the unmet medical needs that patients with rare diseases face and to continue work with organizations to create solutions for patients with rare diseases and deliver life-changing therapies to those in need.

There is only one way to succeed - together. Together, we can gain knowledge faster, eliminate unproductive avenues of exploration sooner, and deliver on the potential of new therapies more efficiently.