Celebrating Advancements in Hemophilia Patient Care and Treatment


In 1994, the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) recognized the need for a program to unite hemophilia treatment centers and patient organizations across the world to share information, best practices, and resources to help improve the treatment and care of those living with hemophilia. As a result, the WFH Twinning Program was created to facilitate short-term collaborative partnerships between medical professionals and patient organizations, in emerging and established countries. The aim of these twinning partnerships is to help achieve comprehensive care and to grow and maintain strong patient support organizations for all people with bleeding disorders, no matter where they live.



WFH Twinning Program successes translate into 212 partnerships across 111 countries. One example of the power of these partnerships is a Hemophilia Treatment Center twinning of Arequipa, Peru, with Los Angeles, US. This partnership facilitated the development of a multidisciplinary Peruvian team trained by the Los Angeles team in the proper management of patients with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Additionally, the Arequipa center was able to initiate new treatment protocols, home treatment programs and receive education and training of primary care and emergency room physicians in three additional cities based on the learnings from Los Angeles.



Pfizer is proud to celebrate its 15th year as the exclusive sponsor of the WFH Twinning Program.