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Pfizer is working to unlock the promise of gene therapy for patients worldwide living with rare genetic diseases for whom the current standard of care falls short. Over the past several years, we’ve made investments in innovative gene therapy technology and facilities giving us end-to-end capabilities and enabling us to guide a gene therapy medicine through its entire life cycle.

How Pfizer Manufactures Gene Therapies

The gene therapy manufacturing process is very specific, delicate and intentional. Pfizer follows four main steps to produce each dose of a gene therapy: preparing raw materials, encapsulating the desired gene during the upstream process, purifying the viral vector during the downstream process and then packaging the treatment for clinical or commercial use.


Unique Elements of the Gene Therapy Manufacturing Process

There are a few more steps of the manufacturing processes that are specific to gene therapies, compared to other types of medicines, vaccines and treatments. This includes a process called transfection, the use of specific kidney cells called HEK cells and single-use technologies to accelerate production.


The Drivers of our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our motivated team of scientists, paired with our advanced manufacturing facilities, are essential to Pfizer’s ability to manufacture gene therapies. These components enable us to deliver on the promise of gene therapy for patients living with rare genetic diseases.