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Patient Centricity White Paper

Patient centricity within Pfizer has always been a longstanding focus. Through the years, our team has cultivated relationships with patient advocacy groups across therapeutic areas with a common goal to ensure equity for all. In 2019, to expand these efforts and further embed patient insights and experience across all activities, Pfizer and our advocacy partners launched the Pfizer Oncology Patient Centric Ecosystem (POPCE). Today 65+ partner advocacy and professional organizations continue to come together to share information, identify concrete actions and collectively move forward on solutions to problems that inadvertently create barriers for cancer patients.

To provide learnings and best practice suggestions for others seeking to pursue similar efforts, this report provides a detailed overview of how Pfizer and a network of cancer patient advocacy leaders collectively identified gaps in the cancer care system to build this foundational infrastructure – an ecosystem – for partnering to advance patient centricity. It includes the resulting achievements, changes and highlights some of the upcoming efforts to address inequities in cancer care.

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