Rare Disease Partnerships | Pfizer


From academia to industry and advocates to companies, Pfizer seeks collaborations that will advance discoveries and the development of new therapies for patients with rare diseases. Together, we can gain knowledge faster, whether in discovery, clinical, or commercial stages, to speed the delivery of new medicines to patients most in need.

Pfizer Rare Disease Business and Partnering Focuses on a Broad Range of Therapeutic Areas and Novel Platforms Including

Therapeutic Areas
  • Hematology
  • Neurology
  • Pulmonology
  • Inherited Metabolic/Endocrine
Novel Platforms
  • Gene Therapy

Partnering on Discovery Through Early-Stage Clinical Development

For partnering at the earlier stages of development (generally prior to clinical proof-of-concept) in Rare Disease, please contact the Pfizer External Research & Development Innovation (ERDI) group within Worldwide Research & Development (WRD).

Further information on WRD Rare Disease partnering >>

Partnering on Late-Stage Clinical Development Through Commercialization

For partnering on late-stage opportunities (generally after clinical proof-of-concept) in Rare Disease, please contact the Pfizer Worldwide Business Development group within Biopharmaceuticals – Global Innovative Pharma (GIP).

Further information on Biopharmaceuticals-GIP partnering >>