Precision medicine is not only a focus of our R&D strategy, but a philosophy that guides everything we do.

The emergence of new technology platforms enables us to redefine how we approach the R&D process. Precision medicine fulfills this potential through the application of cutting-edge science to better understand the biological basis of disease, and in turn develop innovative therapies which are tailored for patients who will benefit most.

Here are a few definitions that are fundamental to understand precision medicine and its potential impact for patients. All of these new technological capabilities and advances are supporting the development of more precise, tailored treatment options for patients.



At Pfizer, precision medicine is not only a focus of our R&D strategy, but a philosophy that guides everything we do. By rooting our research process in the underlying clinical and molecular biology of disease, our goal is to develop medicines and vaccines with potentially transformational outcomes for patients. In short, it—s about treating the right patients with the right medicines – an approach that’s embedded in the development of every product in our portfolio.


We're investigating in precision medicine across our organization…

As a key R&D platform, we’re investing in precision medicine across our organization, building on experience in oncology to expand the benefits of precision medicine in other areas such as rare disease and immunology. In our portfolio, we’re focused on exploring genetic, phenotypic and functional biomarkers to identify target populations that will guide clinical strategies.

This concept has been most fully explored in oncology, where we’ve been able to accelerate development of targeted therapies in non-small cell lung cancer by identifying a molecularly defined cohort of patients who would benefit most, and are currently focusing on further expanding our understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying immuno-oncology therapies. A few examples from other diseases:

We believe we are poised to usher in a new era of patient care defined by targeted research methods…