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We’re in relentless pursuit of breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. We innovate every day to make the world a healthier place. It was Charles Pfizer’s vision at the beginning and it holds true today.

our purpose


Our unique resources allow us to do more for people. Using our global presence and scale, we’re able to make a difference in local communities and the world around us.

  • Our Compliance Program represents a shared undertaking from the highest levels of management to the most junior employees.

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  • Because everyone has something to offer. Diversity is just as crucial to building a successful business as it is to building a vibrant culture. 

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  • We integrate environment, health, and safety (EHS) into how we run our business to ensure that management of risk and regulatory compliance are overseen at the highest levels of the company. With our EHS Policy as the foundation, implementation of Pfizer's EHS Standards and Audit programs establish the performance expectations for colleagues around the world. Each Pfizer colleague plays a crucial role in facilitating a culture of EHS excellence where all improvements, ideas, and opportunities are welcomed. Our governance framework and culture provide the basis for proactive engagement and shared accountability of EHS across our operations.

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  • A network of external suppliers is essential to enable manufacture of medicines and vaccines that deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. Pfizer’s supply chain supports the research, development and manufacturing process by providing flexibility and access to technologies necessary to meet our commitment to patients We are committed to using suppliers that demonstrate strong performance in Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) management.

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  • We recognize that environmental issues can result in profound societal and public health impacts. Our company purpose—Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives—guides our environmental sustainability priorities, with a focus on climate impact mitigation, conservation of resources, and the reduction of waste arising from our operations.

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  • We continue to invest in the groundbreaking science and technology needed to discover tomorrow’s life-saving treatments for patients who need them the most. Our research, development, and manufacturing facilities across the country are fostering next-generation healthcare innovation while creating 30,000 U.S.-based jobs.

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  • We are dedicated to helping people find accurate, science-based information as they make healthcare decisions that impact their lives.

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  • All patients should have access to the medicines they need. Through our partnerships with global health institutions and implementation of novel pricing structures–including donations where appropriate–we blend philanthropy and business approaches to increase access to our medicines and vaccines where they’re needed most. 

    Trachoma Initiative


    Multicultural Health Equity Collective 

    The Gavi Alliance 

    Innovation in Medicine Delivery 

    Disaster and Humanitarian Relief 

    Charitable Contributions 

    Give Forward 

    Global Health Fellows 

    The Pfizer Foundation 

    Ready for Cures

  • We deliver scientific breakthroughs through the relentless collaboration of our talented workforce. Therefore, ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our workforce is critical to delivering our purpose. We continue to advance a comprehensive occupational injury and illness prevention program that enables engagement and productivity.

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  • We’re committed to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner. This includes respecting internationally recognized human rights throughout our operations.

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  • The Intellectual Property Principles for Advancing Cures and Therapies (IP PACT) is a groundbreaking, unified declaration of 10 key Intellectual Property (IP) principles. Driven by members of the innovative biopharmaceutical industry, it affirms our strong commitment to innovation and to keeping the needs of patients at the heart of our IP practice

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We advance medical innovation and distribute medicines that might not otherwise be available to underserved communities.