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Digital Innovation

As a digital-first company, Pfizer uses technology to create revolutionary advancements across every aspect of our business, including research and discovery, clinical development, and manufacturing. Technology is engrained in how we engage with patients and customers. Digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are helping us to bring lifesaving medicines, vaccines and other helpful resources to the world. 

Colleagues throughout Pfizer work with the latest technology and are building skills in areas such as AI, Generative AI, Machine learning, data science, software engineering, robotic process automation, cybersecurity, cloud, enterprise architecture, agile project management, and more.   

At Pfizer, you can delve into exciting, cutting-edge technology while engaging in work that can help make a real impact in the world by potentially improving patient health outcomes and fueling tomorrow's breakthrough therapies.

Pfizer Digital colleagues, new and established, share their career journey stories and demonstrate how Pfizer Digital is powering innovation and contributing to patient impact around the globe.

The Rotational Program provides college graduates the opportunity to rotate through various Digital area assignments every 6 months for a period of 24 months, acquiring essential skills and knowledge along the way.

Explore the Digital Rotational Program