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Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC)

Welcome to Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC) on the SAP Business Network!

SCC is a cloud solution that gives suppliers access to the most extensive customer network in the world. Use the SCC Supplier Portal interface to transact with Pfizer and other customers, or directly integrate your own ERP with Pfizer’s to support high volume transaction relationships through the SAP Business Network.

Use these links to learn how to use the SCC Supplier Portal interface to transact with Pfizer, or to request help:

SCC Training Overview for Suppliers

Click below to access the SAP Business Network Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC) Supplier training guide.

Pfizer SCC Portal Supplier Training Guide
SCC Overview Videos

Purchase Order Collaboration and Forecasting Process:

Supplier Managed Inventory Process:

Subcontracting Process:

SAP Business Network Support