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Internal Medicine Areas of Interest

Qualified researchers are invited to submit research proposals, according to the guidance and instructions found on A proposal requesting Pfizer support (e.g., funding and/or drug supply) is not a guarantee of acceptance or approval of that proposal. Decisions on support for submissions are made by the applicable Pfizer Global Reviewers. A formal notification regarding the status of your application will be sent once a decision is reached. Pfizer support will only be extended upon the execution of a research agreement. For any questions, please send an email to [email protected].

  • Research areas to be considered for Pfizer support include: Coming Soon!

    1. Evidence generation of optimal management of NASH in various populations:
      1. NASH in non-obese patients, lean NASH patients
      2. NASH in patients with obesity
      3. NASH in patients with type 2 diabetes
      4. NASH in patients with elevated risk of CVD
      5. NASH in patients with metabolic and chronic diseases
    2. Improving NASH models of care in populations: Role of non-invasive diagnostic tools
    3. Evaluation of circulating biomarkers as predictors of NAFLD and NASH
    4. Validation of ultrasound or elastography to detect early cirrhosis in NASH patients
    5. Evaluating NASH progression or regression using non-biopsy outcome measures
    6. Understanding liver outcomes by stage of NASH with or without intervention with a breakdown by patients who resolve NASH, improve fibrosis or both