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In Arabic, a menara is a beacon or source of light, such as a lighthouse or minaret. It is also the name of our newest enterprise colleague resource group, which aims to illuminate the contributions of colleagues of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) origin. MENARA provides a platform to celebrate the rich mosaic of history and the intersectional diversity of the MENA region.

MENARA’s goals are to facilitate professional development opportunities, advance equitable health outcomes, and help transform society through external partnerships and philanthropic efforts. MENARA welcomes all colleagues who identify with or have an affinity for the countries, cultures, languages, faiths, and people of the MENA region, and anyone who has an interest in becoming an ally to MENA colleagues. MENARA’s

Executive sponsor is Aamir Malik.

CRG Menara Image

Our colleague resource groups create an open, encouraging environment where everyone can be their authentic selves and everyone has a forum to use their voice. We asked members of the Middle Eastern and North African Resource Alliance (MENARA) Colleague Resource Group “What is one word that you affiliate with the Middle Eastern and North African Resource Alliance Colleague Resource Group and your community?” Here’s what they told us.

“The newest member of our colleague resource group family, MENARA brings fresh thinking to the company. Their energy is contagious, and they are constantly coming up with welcoming and innovative programs. They have an important role to play in fostering community and allyship and their impact is clearly felt.”

Ramcess Jean-Louis, Global Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Officer

  • World Religion Day, Third Sunday in January 
  • Persian New Year (Nowruz), On spring equinox mid- to late March 
  • Arab American Heritage Month, April  
  • World Day for Cultural Diversity, May 21 
  • World Refugee Day, June 20