As part of its commitment to improving health equity across multicultural populations, Pfizer has been partnering with Día de la Mujer Latina (DML), a nationally recognized, grassroots community-based organization dedicated to eliminating health disparities among Latino populations.

Since 1997, the mission of Día de la Mujer Latina has focused on promoting healthy behaviors within the underserved Latino community. Día de la Mujer Latina seeks to do so by providing a culturally and linguistically proficient education, facilitating early detection screenings and culturally preventative care interventions through Promotores – trained and certified community health workers. DML provides resource information and skills for Promotores so they can share information through their local communities in culturally relevant ways.

Together Día de la Mujer Latina and Pfizer partnered on the following activities in 2017:

  • Pfizer RxPathways Trainings: 159 Promotores and Community Health Workers (CHWs) were trained in Puerto Rico; Las Vegas, NV; Washington, D.C.; Houston, TX; Virginia; and Maryland.
  • Zika trainings: Over 300 Promotores and CHWs were trained in McAllen, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Austin, TX.
  • Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fairs and Relief Workshops: Over 8,000 people in Houston, TX were assisted.
  • Día de la Mujer Latina Promotores/CHW Statewide Conference: 315 Promotores and CHWs attended the conference in Houston, TX.
  • Vaccines: 39 Promotores and CHWs were trained in Puerto Rico.

Across the country, DML has left a positive health impact on more than 40 cities, in addition to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Pfizer is proud to partner with this dedicated, community-based organization and has continued its support of DML in 2018.

Día de la Mujer Latina is a project supported by the Pfizer Multicultural Center of Excellence (MCoE), an effort led by Pfizer’s Corporate Affairs group focused on helping to improve health equity across diverse populations, reducing health disparities in multicultural communities, and raising the level of multicultural competency and engagement across Pfizer. The Pfizer MCoE builds partnerships with key multicultural groups in the United States – including patient advocacy organizations, healthcare provider associations, community groups, and legislative caucuses – to support initiatives and outreach concentrated around four key areas of focus: access programs, healthcare resources, diversity in clinical trials, and disease awareness.