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World Cancer Day Focuses on Dispelling Myths

World Cancer Day Focuses on Dispelling Myths

World Cancer Day Focuses on Dispelling Myths

Pfizer marked World Cancer Day on Feb. 4, a day when organizations and individuals around the world aimed to raise awareness of cancer and urge governments and individuals to take action.

The goal of this year's World Cancer Day, themed "Cancer — Did You Know?," focused on damaging myths and misconceptions about the disease.

"One misconception we can help to dispel is that personalized medicine remains an abstract concept," said Mace Rothenberg, Senior Vice President, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs for Pfizer's Oncology Business Unit, during a recent global roundtable on the subject. "In fact, it is an approach that is being used today to help improve the lives of cancer patients around the world. But there is much that remains to be done to improve the development and delivery of targeted therapies. This approach will flourish only in an environment where there is close collaboration between industry, academia, health care systems, practitioners, and regulators.

Pfizer is committed to being an active partner in this dialogue with the ultimate goal of advancing patient care."

The roundtable, which brought together experts in industry, academia, government, and the oncology community to discuss advances in research and development as well as challenges and opportunities, was sponsored by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), which leads the annual World Cancer Day efforts.

Pfizer has been a long-standing supporter of the UICC, working with that organization on a variety of activities, including distributing pamphlets in clinics and displaying posters in hospitals in India, increasing awareness of cancer issues among government leaders, policymakers, and consumers in Argentina, and raising awareness of the impact of personalized medicine on the treatment of lung cancer in Colombia.

Around the world, individuals and groups showed support for World Cancer Day by signing the UICC's World Cancer Day declaration as part of the effort to significantly reduce the global cancer burden by 2020. To date, more than 520,000 people have signed.

Learn more about the UICC's World Cancer Day declaration.