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Pfizer Focused on Delivering the Value Customers Expect and Shareholders Deserve, CEO Kindler Tells Shareholders

Thursday, April 26, 2007 - 1:18am

(BUSINESS WIRE)--In remarks at the annual shareholders meeting, Pfizer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey B. Kindler said, Were operating in an incredibly dynamic industry environment one that, day in and day out, presents us with a whole range of promising opportunities. To succeed in this environment, we must fundamentally change the way weve done business in the past and eventually transform just about every aspect of our company.

Weve accomplished a lot already. But its clear we need to do much more to get to where we want to be. All of our efforts are focused on achieving our ultimate goal making significant improvements in the companys performance and generating greater total returns for you, our shareholders.

While its clear were operating in a very competitive business environment today, I also believe that we have a very wide and attractive set of opportunities to drive our success in the years ahead and enhance returns to our shareholders.

We are focused on driving revenue growth, executing better, controlling costs, instilling greater accountability across the company and making sure we deliver the value our customers expect and our shareholders deserve."

In other business, 12 of the companys directors stood for and were re-elected to one-year terms. In other voting, shareholders ratified the selection of KPMG as Pfizers independent auditor for 2007. No shareholder resolutions received a majority vote.


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