Denis Patrick, Ph.D.

Vice President, WRD / Senior Managing Partner

Denis Patrick, PHD is Vice President, WRD and Head of Oncology External Science & Innovation (ES&I), the R&D Lead for the Innovative Medicines Initiative at Pfizer, and Managing Partner of Pfizer Ventures. Denis capitalizes upon his experience in evaluating external opportunities that are focused on areas that complement Pfizer Oncology Research interests to identify and manage equity investments. He currently has responsibility for Pfizer’s investments in AnTolRx, Encycle, NextCure, and Metabomed. Denis previously worked for several large pharma oncology organizations, including Merck, DuPont Pharma, and GSK. Prior to coming to Pfizer, Denis contributed significantly to several oncology drug discovery efforts that led to the approval of three marketed therapeutic agents including nelarabine, trametinib, and dabrafenib.

Denis received his BS in Biochemistry from SUNY, a MS in Biology from UCSD and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.