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Pfizer works with innovative research partners across a range of disciplines to improve the quality, speed and productivity of clinical research. Using digital tools, new ways of collecting data and expanding access through diverse partnerships, Pfizer is developing breakthroughs that change patients’ lives faster than ever before.

Digitizing Clinical Trials

Pfizer is using automation, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to modernize, streamline and simplify the development of medicines. Vast quantities of data can be collected and analyzed with great precision, reducing the risks of error and speeding the drug development process. Other advancements, in remote data collection—including wearable devices and mobile apps—are making it more convenient for people to participate in clinical trials.

Data Outside Traditional Clinical Trials

Pfizer is using real-world evidence (RWE) to find new or expanded uses for our medicines. This includes using data from electronic health records, registries and insurance records, to paint a more holistic picture of how a new medicine could impact patients’ lives. Real-world evidence can help improve both the design and execution of clinical studies and in some cases, answer important clinical questions without the need to enroll new participants into a clinical study. This is particularly important when traditional trials alone, do not provide sufficient data.

Expanding Access to Clinical Trials

Pfizer is dedicated to removing barriers to participation in clinical trials through increased education, expanded access and making it easier to join a trial. Together with innovative trial partners, we’re continuing to expand the number, diversity and location of clinical study sites, and to find innovative new technological solutions which will allow people to participate in a clinical study from home without needing to travel to a study site.

Innovation is a process that depends on partnerships across a diverse range of fields and abilities. That’s why Pfizer works with partners big and small, both tech-focused and patient-centered.


Become a Partner in Innovation

Get in touch if you share our passion and expertise for clinical trial process and data automation, novel solutions for participants, and the use of AI and data for clinical trial planning and execution.

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Our growing global network is made up of clinical study sites that have been carefully chosen for their professional excellence and dedication to improving the lives of patients.