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Returning Clinical Data to Patients

Clinical trial volunteers are unsung heroes of medicine. The information they provide through clinical research is invaluable in advancing medical progress.

Pfizer believes that the data collected during a clinical trial should be returned to patient participants, if they wish, so that they may both better understand the research in which they took part and see and use the data gathered about their health.

Pfizer was the first biopharmaceutical company to return lay-language clinical trial data to patients, and we are working to expand our leadership in this area in two ways:

  • Starting with all Phase IIb & Phase III studies that initiated in 2014, Pfizer will offer summaries of the trial findings to participants in easy-to-read, non-technical language, in countries where regulations will allow it. These summaries, prepared in partnership with the Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation, review why the study was done, how it was done, and the results. These “lay summaries” were first piloted in 2009 with four studies, and they have been well-received by trial participants.
  • Pfizer will offer the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' "Blue Button" technology to Pfizer-sponsored trial participants in the United States. This technology enables the secure electronic delivery of medical information gathered in a study directly to trial participants and allows integration into electronic medical records for the benefit of patients and their physicians.

Both the lay summaries and the Blue Button data are accessible via PfizerLink, Pfizer's secure clinical trial alumni network site. As part of study protocol, participants in Pfizer-sponsored trials are invited to join the PfizerLink alumni network upon the completion of the trial. PfizerLink enrollment is managed by a third party to ensure patient privacy is safeguarded.