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For Current Suppliers


Pfizer offers the following programs to its current suppliers:

working_capital_100x100.pngWorking Capital

Pfizer’s Working Capital and early payment options

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Pfizer’s electronic invoicing

terms_and_conditions.pngPurchase Order Terms & Conditions

Pfizer’s Standard PO Terms & Conditions by country

site-requirements_100x100.pngSite Specific Requirements

Pfizer’s Site Specific Requirements

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accounts_payable_100x100.pngPfizer Accounts Payable

Track status of invoices

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suppliers_network_100x100.pngSupplier Collaboration Network

Portal for collaboration between Pfizer and trading partners

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policies_and_procedures_100x100.pngPolicies & Procedures

Pfizer’s policies, regulations and directives for suppliers

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supplier-diversity_100x100.pngSupplier Diversity

Pfizer’s Supplier Diversity program

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responsible_sourcing_100x100.pngResponsible Sourcing

Pfizer’s Responsible Sourcing program

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