Pfizer's Role in Combating Counterfeit Medicine

Counterfeit drugs

Counterfeit versions of 105 Pfizer products have been confirmed in at least 113 countries.

Source: Pfizer Global Security

In a June 30, 2018 report, 89% of 11,943 U.S. online pharmacies did not require a valid prescription.

Source: National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

Partnering with law enforcement, Pfizer has prevented nearly 241 million counterfeit doses from reaching patients since 2004

Source: Pfizer Global Security

Counterfeit versions of over 80 medicines have been confirmed in more than 110 countries. We have an aggressive campaign to fight counterfeit Pfizer medicines.

Our experts assess technologies to make it more difficult to counterfeit our medicines and that will make it easier to tell authentic from counterfeits. Our anti-counterfeiting laboratories use technologies like Mass Spectrometry, Raman Spectrometry and Infrared Spectrometry to detect counterfeit drugs as well as help identify the manufacturers and distributors of these illicit products.

We work with wholesalers, pharmacies, customs offices, and law enforcement agencies worldwide to increase inspection coverage, monitor distribution channels, and improve surveillance of distributors and repackagers.

Pfizer has also created a diversified international team to rapidly address medicine credibility issues as they arise and work proactively to stop them from occurring. Addressing this rising threat requires a sophisticated, coordinated and united response. To assist law enforcement in preventing counterfeit Pfizer medicines from reaching patients, we have provided training to authorities from 151 countries.

In 2016, authorities from 50 countries seized more than 6.6 million dosages of counterfeit Pfizer medicines. Many of the raids resulted from leads developed by Pfizer Global Security. Partnering with law enforcement, Pfizer has prevented nearly 226 million counterfeit doses from reaching patients since 2004.

Fight the Fakes

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