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Pfizer’s Global Asian Alliance Colleague Resource Group Celebrates Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month

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The theme of this May’s Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month is “We Lead Together!”, and it’s one that Pfizer heartily endorses as we continue to strive for equity and celebrate diversity across all aspects of our business.

In May, Pfizer’s Global Asian Alliance (GAA) CRG kicked off Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month by welcoming all Pfizer colleagues to join in on the celebration at Pfizer’s New York headquarters with a global broadcast that emphasized history, allyship, overcoming adversity, and paying-it-forward.

AANHPI Heritage Month is a time for people to celebrate rich culture and reflect upon the critical role the AANHPI community has played, and the sacrifices made to bring forth change in the community. In addition to the broadcast, GAA has been providing rich programming throughout the duration of the heritage month, ranging from cultural food demonstrations to mental health guided meditations and more.

“This heritage month is one of allyship. We get to invite so many colleagues from diverse backgrounds to come learn about the AANHPI heritage and its uniqueness,” said GAA Executive Sponsor Payal Sahni Becher, Chief People Experience Officer and Executive Vice President, Pfizer. “When we connect with people who are different, we usually start finding many commonalities, and we end up appreciating our differences even more.”

With colleagues joining in person and virtually, GAA’s kickoff event created an atmosphere to educate and raise awareness on individual experiences within the AANHPI community.

There is no single story of the AANHPI experience, but rather a combination of diverse contributions that enrich America’s culture and society. The American story as we know it would be impossible without the strength, contributions, and legacies of AANHPIs who have helped build and unite this country in each successive generation. From laying railroad tracks, tilling fields, and starting businesses, to caring for loved ones and honorably serving the Nation in uniform, AANHPI communities are deeply rooted in the history of the United States.

“And I think it wasn't until I went to college where there was such a rich and vibrant community of people who were Asian from all over the world that I actually had a broader appreciation for what it means to be an American, let alone a Korean American.” Shared GAA’s NYHQ Executive Sponsor, Judy Sewards, Pfizer’s Brand Lead, Chief Marketing Office. “But as I grew into an adult, I think I've gotten more comfortable, more proud, and more articulate about how that defines me.”

Conversation ranged from developing a sense of identity, growing appreciation for culture and community, to career insights, work life balance and how Pfizer strives to impact colleagues, doctors, and consumers through innovation.

The event concluded with a social hour at NYHQ, allowing Pfizer colleagues and leaders to network, bond over cultural food and experiences while strengthening community amongst Pfizer colleagues who identify as Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander or are in support as an ally.

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