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Eczema Inside Out aims to share educational information with the eczema community through articles, events, and other featured content.

CNN: The Cycle of Itch: Eczema’s Physical and Emotional Toll

The emotional impact of this skin condition can be just as difficult as the physical.

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BuzzFeed: How Well Do You Know Your Eczema?

Whether you’re new to the whole “living with eczema” thing or you’ve had it for a long time, learn more about not just living—but living a good life—with a chronic skin condition.

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BuzzFeed: 10 Struggles Anyone Who Lives With Eczema Will Understand

Do you live with Eczema? Then you might relate to these day-to-day struggles.

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Women’s Health: Beyond Dry Skin

Adults living with eczema and its associated symptoms (including itch) are more likely to have a negative emotional impact, such as feelings of anxiety and depression.

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SELF Magazine: The Real Burden of Eczema in People of Color

On World Atopic Eczema Day, Eczema Inside Out and Pfizer partnered with SELF on a discussion of dealing with symptoms and stigma, as well as addressing health disparities with patients and experts.

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CNN: Health Equity for Skin of Color Starts with Representation

A dermatologist, a caregiver, and an eczema patient share their perspective on health equity and how skin of color factors into an eczema diagnosis and treatment.

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