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Meet Our Scientists: Jayanthi Boobalan

Jayanthi Boobalan currently holds the position of Senior Director, Head of Regional Regulatory Hub, Global Regulatory Affairs International, Asia at Pfizer. Jayanthi has been with Pfizer for 14 years and has spent her career providing leadership and strategic planning support within the Regulatory Affairs function, supporting countries in Asia for Pfizer’s Innovative medicines portfolio.

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Jayanthi is responsible for a team of Regional Strategists within the Asia region, managing Pfizer’s strategic and operational support teams throughout the drug development process. She is also member of the Global Regulatory Affairs International, Asia leadership team where she contributes in ensuring efficiency and continuity of our systems’ performance and business operations for the region.

Jayanthi has been an avid contributor in promoting regulatory convergence, or aligning our processes so our treatments meet many countries’ regulatory standards and ultimately streamlining the drug development process. She is also actively involved in a number of environment-shaping initiatives in Asia.

In this video interview, Jayanthi outlines how Pfizer supports her personal and professional development. Pfizer has allowed to her to be a part of a portfolio of more than 600 products and medicines, ranging from oncology treatments to vaccines. Jayanthi is very dedicated to her work and feels her work helps to bring medicines to patients across Pfizer’s portfolios.