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Meet Our Scientists: Priya Iyer

Priya Iyer is located in India, and she is a Director leading the Statistical Programming and Analysis team in the Biometrics & Data Management group within Global Product Development. Priya takes pride in the team she has built and is very passionate about statistics. In this video interview, you will learn more about her role and experience at Pfizer, how Pfizer is unique in their work style, and the impact that Pfizer will have on patients in the future.

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Priya knows that every day she can do something for mankind. She knows the value of one extra day in the life of a cancer patient, and now she is the space where the whole world is looking to us to develop a vaccine as soon as possible. She feels it is brilliant to see how everyone is so cooperative and making this happen. She feels that Pfizer brings the value of life, and that’s most important.